Saturday, January 10, 2009

The backyard monster by Susannah Olsen

Here in all its glory is a great story Zannah wrote the other day. I didn't fix any of the spelling or other errors because it is interesting, to me, at least, to see the way she thinks. She has come a long way with spelling, actually...she used to write the same way she talks (still working on r and s sounds); she wrote me a note once that said, "Dear Mom, I love you, you are the best mom in the WOOOOOOOLD!" Actually, I also think it is an interesting look at the effects of computer spell-check on the elementary mind. Anyway. Onward.
The backyard monster
by Susannah Olsen

Once upon a time in the land of Desboreen lived a girl named Samantha. She is a very brave girl, or so she says... she's been bragging about her bravery for two months now, ever science, well, i'm not really aloud to talk about it but... two months ago at her house in her back yard when she was playing in her pool she herd a loud BOOM, must be my imagination she said but then she heard another big BOOM! Oh no, my dad was right! It is the backyard monster! Now i know what your thinking, what's so scary about a backyard monster? Well i'll tell you what's so scary about them, they are called backyard monsters because they hide in the back yard but they grab you ad take you down to their lab and make you one of them. So watch out or they will get you! Now back to my story, where was i oh yea! It is the backyard monster! So she ran inside and called my friends to are club house in the tree. First she called Abby, hey Abby she said, i was hearing the noises of the backyard monster. Yeah right, said abby. You no that there is no such thing as the backyard monster. Yeah, until i heard him in a backyard!!! I told her. Well i don't care if you don't believe me, she said. So she called her other friend Alexis. Hey Alexis, i just saw a backyard monster in a backyard! Yeah right, said Alexis. Your just trying to scare me. Well, i don't care if you don't believe me, she said. So she called her last friend. Luckily Brooklyn always believed me, she said. So she called Brooklyn. Hey Brooklyn, she said. I heard a backyard monster in a backyard. Of cores you heard a backyard monster in a backyard! That's why they are called backyard monsters, because it lives in a back yard. But what's so scary about a back yard monster? Do i have to say it all over agen?!? just read the book. So, i need you to get Alexis and Abby to come to the clubhouse for a meeting. I can't, said Brooklyn, i'm sick. Well youdon't sound like it, shouldn't you be sneezing or something? Sneeze sneez...sneez. Something smells like Pete and John, Oh yeah, did I tell you about Pete and John? Well i think that this is the best time to tell you about them. Well, they always want to get there way and at the same time they make it so that nobody gets there way when Pete and John do. So right now they made Brooklyn not do anything unless they say she can. So i bet you are all thinking how can they make her do anything they say? Well they will beat you up if you don't do what they say. So i think i have to trap this monster all by myself she said. Where should i start? First i called the police and they said that i was just fooling around, so i let them see the monster for there self. When they saw the backyard monster they tried to catch it but they got cot by them so she called the army, same thing happened. So she called the newspaper to get anyone to help get the monster cot and save all the pollece before it is to late. What? The newspaper won't be done for one week?!? So she called the radio station and they tolde everyone as soon as posable and it wasn't to long before the monster was cot. So if you ever hear a girl named Samantha brag about herself she isin't telling the truth.

The end.


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  2. What a wonderful story! I forgot my daughter used to spell like that, but its close enough you know what the word actually is.

    She should be very proud of herself!

  3. She is very smart... I liked the story