Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching Up--recent facebook posts

December 16, 2008 I am such a good mom!

I know because Emily (who is almost 11) told me so. We were decorating gingerbread men yesterday and she asked if she, Zannah (8) and Johnny (4)could eat them. I said, "You may eat one each, but the rest are for the Christmas tree." She asked, "Can we eat them after Christmas?" and I, knowing they would be stale, yet harmless, said yes. "Aww...." she said, "You're such a good mom! Because you know that with modern medicine, if we get food poisoning from eating old cookies, we won't have to suffer very long!" And no, she was not being sarcastic--she was serious! Ha ha ha ha ha! :-)

December 19, 2008 I'm cool, too!

Emily and Zannah were just discussing whether a picture they were looking at was cool or weird. Emily said, "Zannah, it can be cool AND weird, you know." I said, "Yeah, like me!" Emily said, "No you're just cool," and Zannah said, "Yeah, DADDY is cool AND weird."

December 21, 2008 AND I'm Supermom!

The latest update in my mom-ness...I asked Zannah to put a game away. She said, "I can't; I'm too small and weak. This is a job for SUPERMOM!" (and then in a sticky-sweet voice,) "Thanks for saving the day, Supermom!"

Poor little thing still had to put it away. :-)

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  1. It's nice to have a journal so that in years to come you have a record of the great things your kids said. And also so that when they're teenagers you can look at it and remind yourself of why exactly it is that you shouldn't murder them. ;->